The factory

Since 2004, the delicious biscuits have been baked in a new factory in Eede, Zeeland Flanders.

The preparation

The ingredients are prepared, combined and mixed with great accuracy. Many small details here influence the final product. Of course we are not going to tell those little details!

The baking process

Baking the biscuits is a meticulous process in which small differences in temperature and baking time have a major influence. The ovens are often adjusted during baking. It is a real artisanal process.


When the biscuits come out of the oven, they are still very hot. They are therefore carefully cooled on a conveyor belt. The biscuits are then carefully supplied with their protective packaging material, so that the quality remains guaranteed. Too dark, light or broken biscuits do not come through. Only the best are good enough for our customers!